We help you to reduce risk, gain greater control over your flexible workforce, whilst creating efficiency and improving effectiveness.

With many years of battle hardened, on-site and recruitment experience, we have become experts in the provision of temporary, contract and permanent workforce solutions. If you need to recruit great, competent people whether short or long term, we can help.

We operate in the engineering space and specialise in Rail, Construction, Utilities and Highways industries. Infrastructure is our bag and safety is our top priority.

We provide our clients skills from all aspects of the value chain, from gate-people protecting access and egress to your worksites to business leaders like Engineering Directors. Many of our clients follow a project life cycle from concept design, project engineering and planning, project management and delivery, hand back and maintenance. We also provide a range of shared service skill sets in the Safety, Commercial and Assurance space.

We have identified 8 key pillars of a Flexible Workforce Solution. Mastering these Pillars are fundamental to a successful solution, but every one of them is completely configurable to our customers’ needs.

Relationship Management - We provide dedicated account management structure, to be your single point of contact. The team are tasked to learn about you, your culture and your requirements, as well as your recruitment process.

Delivery Model - Our Delivery team use their industry-leading knowledge, skills and routes to talent to find you the right candidates. We use a tailored strategy to prioritise and focus our efforts to ensure you get the best return, factoring in geography, skill shortages, market trends and any unique situations.

Workforce Planning - We are great at reacting, but we like to spend our time proactively building segmented talent pools, schemes designed to create a ‘virtual bench’ of pre-screened, engaged and retained candidates who are ready to join your business.

Candidate Attraction and Sourcing - We engage and continuously monitor a range of reliable, diverse and inclusive sourcing channels, including our database, job boards, candidate referral networks, social media channels, headhunting from the passive market and much more.

Risk Management and Compliance - The Delivery team is highly trained on all compliance requirements, offering up an ongoing monitoring and review of compliance in line with a service level agreement. The team manage compliance via a ‘vetting matrix’ to manage a range of different compliance requirements across different industries and skills.

Implementation - We look to have a dedicated Implementation Manager, that drives the ‘Mobilisation Plan’, which is a formalised project plan, utilising industry best-practice and experience, covering key work streams and requirements. They are also responsible for the communication plan to the client and handover to the Relationship Team, as well as engaging with subject matter experts like Health and Safety, Finance, HR, Procurement, Marketing, IT and Legal.

Manage through Measurement - We will agree service level expectations with each client and have absolute clarity on ‘what good looks like’. As our relationship matures, we would seek to set targets for all account team members directly aligned to the SLA and any KPI’s agreed with you and produce performance reports that are analysed for opportunities to improve.

Continuous Improvement, Scalability and Cost Saving - The introduction of a Flexible Workforce Solution should allow you to benefit from both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ cost savings. Hard cost savings typically occur through the creation of a standardised set of commercial terms for all roles. Soft cost savings typically occur through increased efficiency and a reduction of wasted time and can be just as valuable to your business.

We take great pride that our people have had first-hand experience within the industry, allowing them to assist our clients with time service solutions and technical support.

Other value adds:

  • We offer Marketing services that help you develop your Employer Value proposition
  • We can provide enhanced Marketing intel to help with recruitment strategies
  • We work to a relationship maturity model where great value can be added over time